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The Moyleman Test Marathon 16/03/2014

I had the opportunity to run this marathon as a test to see what the route was like. The Organizers Ash Head and co hope to put on the first official event next year around the same time. The race is named after Chris Moyle who sadly died at the age of 42 to cancer. He was a well known local runner and had a reputation as being a formidable hill runner. Follow the link for more on Chris story. 

 The weather could not have been better for this event. Clear sky's and sun. It was warm and promised to be a good day to run. I traveled up from down the road with Luke Ashton arriving in plenty of time. The race was in Lewes and it was starting behind HMP Lewes Spital Road. Parking is good with it being free in the car park we used in town. Luke and I met Ruth Finnie also another BOSH Run Group friend. Ruth had made some delicious flap jack for us to have along the trail. We were all taking the opportunity of today's run to be used as a long training run. 
Ruth Finnie and Luke Ashton.
 The usual suspects where making an appearance and I caught up with Kevin another ultra runner. Soon Ash gathered us together for a race brief. There was around 20 of us. With the brief done we was off. We ran up a chalk path making are way up on to the downs. It was good that the numbers was low as it would be easy to get caught in a bottle neck here. We made are way up to Blackcap and onto the Southdowns way you reach this point at around 31/2 miles. I had not read any of the course instructions for this race or even looked at the map! There  was a marshal at this point. And its a nice down hill bit from heret that goes on for  2 miles before reaching the A27. I was tempted to speed up here a little but avoided the temptation. I was running at a nice easy pace. I did not want to push to hard as I had felt fatigued from training and the Stenying Stinger 2 weeks prior, so common sense prevailed. I would just enjoy today's run

At the bottom of this section you  climb a short sharp hill through some woods then its a fairly sharp descent that brings you out near Housedean Farm. I did my best impression of experienced downhill trail runner when I spotted the photographer taking pictures!There is a water tap here on tarmac path next to A27  it is fine to refill your bottles. Just look for the flint wall. To find the tap. Across the A27 via  a bridge there was another marshal to greet me. By now I was on my own. I looked back over the road and saw that Ruth was not far behind me. Luke was up ahead some place. After running up Newmarket Hill around mile 7 I head towards castle hill where I was greeted by Chris Moyles family. They wished me well. It was nice to see them on course and encouraging the runners. Running down castle hill for me was new as I had not been on this trail before. From mile 9 - 10 there is an elevation gain of around 300 feet.

The view is breathtaking and you can see Lewes and Rodmel in the distance. After a while you come to the famous yellow brick road an old tank track . I have run up it and down it many times and I am not a fond of it. Continuing to follow SDW you I found myself heading towards Southease and another Aid station manned by Ash. I was grateful for the cool fresh water. I had already drank 700 mls of water. I had put a dyralyte in one of flasks to help keep hydrated on today's run. I have been suffering some slight GI distress but it was easing now. I had been eating little bits and this had worked well.Through Southease and over the River Ouse. I was feeling pretty good. I was told that there was some great views coming up once I had run up Itford Hill. There was then a couple of fairly straight miles and views of the Sea to my left. The whole route was pretty awesome view wise. 

Coming off the South Downs I head down a steep tarmac road which wound its way down the hill. At the bottom was another check point. The water was chilled and welcome. I made my way down a dirt road and started to head to The Firle Estate. I had never been here before and I nearly got lost as I had but lucky I spotted a marshal in a high viz jacket. This was another nice part of Sussex I had not seen before. I enjoyed running down the lane here. It was soon onto crossing the A27 and again heading into another Sussex Gem.  

Glynde a beautiful picture postcard Village on the edge of Lewes.  Once through the village of Glynde the course makes its way up to Mount Caburn. A brute of a hill. It goes up 480ft and is a quite a hard climb on tired legs. I ran what I could but had to start hiking after some time. I was glad to run down the other side. But the found I had more rolling hills to contend with.
The Rolling Hills after Mount Caburn

  Once off I trail we ran down a long track just past  and after Lewes Golf Course. It was steep in places. Once at the bottom I came in to Lewes town. It was relief to get this hilly one done and cross the finish line. Luke was there to capture the moment. See Picture below! 


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